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For every homeowner, slab leak detection would be the last thing on their mind. This is because leaks, slab leaks in particular, are not really topics that are discussed during parties or family gatherings. However, slab leak is something that should be of serious concern to every property owner. This is because unless it is dealt with promptly and properly, it poses real danger. What should you know about slab leaks?

slab leak detection

7 Signs of a Slab Leak in Your Foundation

It is safe to say that there are very few property owners who are capable of detecting slab leaks. This is because not everyone is trained for it or has the equipment readily available for plumbing leak detection. Fortunately, there are warning signs that will prompt you to detect and repair possible slab leaks. What are these?

  1. Unusual Surge in Water Bills

An abnormal spike in your bills without any abrupt changes in your water consumption is a potential sign of water leak. This may be a simple and crude leak detection technique, but it prompts you to act to prevent further damage to your home.

  1. Running Water

If there are no fixtures open and you hear sounds of running water, then this is another indication of a leak in your home. This sound can come anywhere from your toilets to your sewer lines so you need to call a professional to accurately locate the source.

  1. Change in Water Pressure

A plumbing leak would normally result in loss of water pressure. This is because the integrity of the pipes where the pressure and the water runs has been compromised. Locating leaks can be difficult because it can be anywhere on the plumbing system.

  1. Warping of Ceilings or Floors

Does the ceiling underneath your toilet look warped? Or maybe your flooring? This can be an indication of a plumbing issue that is hidden from sight. When left unchecked this can result to foundation repair that can be quite costly.

  1. Bad Odor

Sometimes you may notice a foul or rotten smell in your home, particularly near your drains. This type of odor detection technique can help you identify potential slab leaks that may have been happening for a long time. You need to call for professional help immediately to locate and repair the damage.

  1. Mold or Mildew

The growth of fungus in your home can be attributed to the presence of moisture. This means that there is water coming from somewhere in your home. This should force you to act quickly especially if the source of the moisture is connected to your sewer drain. Make sure that sewer line repair is done immediately.

  1. Warm Spots

If you don’t have heating on your floors but it feels warm to the touch, then chances are you have a slab leak problem that should be checked by a professional at once.

Reason why slab leak occur

Why does slab leak happen? Some may say that it can be caused by the moving of the slab foundations as your home begins to age. This shifting of the ground can put undue pressure on the water pipe underneath leading to the need for leak repairs.

Other potential reasons why water slab leaks happen in your home can include:

  • Poor Water Quality

When we say poor water quality, this does not mean that it isn’t safe for drinking. Rather, it refers to the presence of hard water or undesirable pH levels that can ruin your pipes resulting in leaks.

  • Excessive Water Pressure

It isn’t hard to believe that water damage can come from extremely high water pressure. The plumbing pipes in your home are designed to withstand up to a certain level of water pressure only. When that level is exceeded, it can result to possibly a burst pipe.

  • Plumbing Line Damage

Since slab leaks are rarely visible except for the warning signs, it is possible that the problem has been existing for quite some time. Again, this emphasizes the importance of paying attention to your water meter. Any unexplained spike should be a cause for alarm.

How to Fix a Slab Leak

Ok, now that you know what the signs are and what causes slab leaks, the question is can you do the necessary plumbing repair? As far as leak detection and repair goes, you can do the detection without an equipment based on the warning signs. However, understand that this may not be accurate as water has the tendency to move to the lowest portion of your home.

Repairing slab leak not only requires a certain level of know how and training, but also the right equipment. So unless you have those, you will not be able to do slab leak repair on your own. You will need the help of a licensed professional plumber.

The best you can do for yourself is to understand what line repair solutions may be offered to you. These can be repiping, opening of the foundation, or pipe coating. The actual solution that will be used by the professional plumber would depend on the warning signs like sewer leaks or floor hot spots and what he uncovers once he does more probing of the problem.

If you feel that this can be costly, then schedule it the same time that you will have a bathroom remodel or similar types of renovation in your home, especially if it involves breaking through the foundation.

slab leak repair

Why it is Important to Call a Commercial Plumber if You Suspect a Water Leak?

Professional leak detection should be left to the plumbing experts. It’s as simple as that. These people have been trained and have the experience to deal with the type of leak that you may not even have heard about in your lifetime.

Factor in as well that the leaks will be behind concrete slabs. Are you ready to go through walls, ceilings, and floors to find and fix the leaks? Do you have the proper equipment to do that? If not, then you may be making the problem worse.

Keep in mind that your homes foundation is critical to its stability and integrity. To preserve that, make sure that the problem is fixed properly by professionals. By finding the right commercial plumber, you can be sure that your home will remain safe and that repairs will be guaranteed.

What are Some Slab Leak Repair Options for Commercial Buildings?

When it comes to plumbing systems, there is a huge difference between residential plumbing and commercial plumbing. This simply means that whatever plumbing solutions that are used in your home may not be applicable to commercial properties.

To detect and fix slab leaks in commercial buildings, professional plumbers need to rely on their equipment, usually the video camera. This is fed into the plumbing systems in order to get an accurate view of the water lines and pinpoint the exact location of leak.

The plumbing videos generated by the camera will help professional plumbers to craft the right solution in solving the slab leak. It will also give them an idea whether leaks are in multiple locations. In certain instances, this technology is also applied to your homes plumbing.

How to prevent slab leak

We protect our homes any which way that we can like putting surge protection on electrical connections or attic insulation to keep out the heat for example. The same should be done with our plumbing pipes. But how do we do it? Here are some suggestions.

  • Plumbing Inspection

When done on your own, you can only do so much and most of the time you will be limited to visual inspection. With professional help, you get the benefit of sewer camera inspection to get a firsthand look into the real condition of your drain lines.

  • Check Water Pressure

Foundation leaks can be triggered by excessive water pressure. If it happens regularly, it is not difficult to understand how the lifespan of the pipes can be severely shortened. Install a pressure regulating device to ensure that only the right pressure gets into your home.

  • pH Levels

If the water running through your pipes does not have the right pH levels, then it can lead to the deterioration of your plumbing system. This translates to possibly multiple leaks, which can create an environment where mold growth happens. It will not only damage your pipes but also impact the indoor air quality that can affect your health.

  • Regular Drain Cleaning

Care for your pipes properly and you prevent potential disaster from happening. Schedule regular cleaning using homemade drain cleaner or to be done by a professional. Make sure that you keep harmful chemicals away from your drains.

Hopefully, all of these give you a better understanding on what slab leak detection can do for you. To make sure that your plumbing system is always in tiptop shape, contact Santa Ana Plumber now!



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