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Perhaps you have heard about hydrojet plumbing and how it has been used extensively to get rid of stubborn blockage of plumbing and sewer pipes. There are definitely numerous advantages to using this technology, but, can just anybody use it? Let’s take a closer look at how it can help protect your plumbing system.

hydrojet plumbing

What Is the Use of Hydrojet Plumbing in Cleaning?

In hydrojet plumbing, the main tool is a powerful nozzle that is capable of releasing water with pressure as high as 35,000psi. The hydrojet can be easily led into drain pipes because it is self-propelled. Once it is pushed down as far as it can be in the pipe, the water can be used to dislodge any blockage.

Keeping plumbing lines clean and functional is part of every home improvement effort. And hydro jet cleaning can play a huge part in this exercise regardless what type of plumbing pipe you have. In fact, hydro jet cleaning can also be effective in dealing with root penetrations, which can be quite devastating to your sewer line.

Why should you use Hydro jetting?

The more traditional method in cleaning slow draining lines is to use a plumbing snake. However, this method has some drawbacks considering its limited reach and difficulty in dealing with stubborn clogs. So how does hydro jetting measure up to plumbing snaking? Let’s take a look.

  • Comparison between drain snake & hydro jets

Drain snakes rely on the flexible metal coil that drill down into the clogs in drains to completely break it apart to remove the obstruction. Hydro jetting on the other hand makes use of water pressure to do the same task and achieve the same result. Why is this better than drain snakes? Because it cleans better and works even on tree root penetrations.

  • Pros and Cons of a Plumbing Drain Snake & Hydro Jets

Pros for hydro jetting:

  • Snaking is no longer necessary;
  • No more digging up of pipes, unlike other repair methods;
  • Very limited maintenance required;
  • Results in cleaner pipes with relatively no debris left.

Pros for drain snaking:

  • Proven to be effective against basic clogs;
  • When leak detection uncovers clogs in smaller pipes, snaking can be an adequate solution;
  • No potential damage to the pipes.

Cons of hydro jetting:

  • Licensed professional plumber with experience in hydro jetting should be tapped for best results;
  • Requires huge amounts of water to get the job done;
  • Cannot be used for indoor plumbing connections like those of the garbage disposal or bathtubs.

Cons of drain snaking:

  • Not as effective with thick or dense clogs;
  • The snake should be as wide as the pipe to get the best results possible.

hydrojet plumbing

Things to know about hydro jetting

Although hydro jetting is popular for cleaning sewer pipes in almost the same way that trenchless sewer repair can be less intrusive, there are some things about this method that people are not aware of. Some of the facts about hydro jetting people should know are:

  • The hydrojet cleaning method is not new, in fact it was first used as a plumbing solution during the 1950s.
  • The stream of water produced by hydro jetting can shift blockages to restore functionality of lateral pipes without resorting to sewer repair.
  • Non-invasive cleaning is made possible by subjecting the sewer line to camera inspection.
  • Water pressure can range anywhere from 7,000psi to 60,000psi, powerful enough to cut through tree roots.
  • Hydro jetting is not only for unclogging, but for cleaning as well. This means that if you do a trenchless sewer repair, it would be great if you do hydro jetting as well because it will keep the pipes cleaner for a longer time.
  • No chemicals and foreign materials are used during the hydro jet process.
  • It is extremely effective, but the pressurized water can be dangerous if not handled properly.

hydrojet plumbing

The Best Drain Unclog Option Requires Some Expertise

Why do you need an expert to do hydrojetting? The reality is that it can be quite a risky process considering the high pressure water used. When not handled properly, this can lead to serious injuries. Commercial plumbing experts also know that hydrojet plumbing is not the only solution. That is why they do camera inspection first before deciding on whether to use hydrojetting or not.

In terms of emergency plumbing solutions, not every home has a hydro jet machine. And most of the time, for basic clogs, a plumbing snake can provide immediate solution. If that does not work, then call on expert plumbers.

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