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Cool DIY Kitchen Design Minimalist for Dummies

Posted on: August 1st, 2018 by plumbers-santaana No Comments

Dreaming of having one of a kind cookhouse? Check out these cool DIY Kitchen Decorations to light your way!

Unique Drink Station

Transform a robust vintage crate with a unique figure into a rustic beverage post. Be sure to protect wineglass holders to the bottom before hanging with wall nails. Show off today’s special drink by dangling a roll of kraft paper with spare rope.

Trendy Floor Mat

Create your very own piece of art to beautify your floor. Get a sheet of vinyl flooring leftover (usually available at home centers) and then cut it into your desired shape and size, prime and then paint it using our free templates below.

Dashing Tray

Stop serving snacks on an ordinary looking tray. Make this colorful herringbone pattern using a sponge to spread over a lively water-base dye, which letsthe wood textures to appear, over a stencil onto the tray. Seal with a clear finish, and set flamboyant!

Artsy Notes

Take dry-erase boards and corkboards, outlined with metallic frames, hang them on pantry doors. That way you can keep grocery lists, coupons, and your family’s schedule prompt and artsy.

Classy Curtain

Classic cafe curtain is made from potato kiss! Yes it is true, and very easy to make. First, cut and hem a dish towel according to your window size and dye the fabric as preferred. Then, slice a potato in half and make your own design. Apply white fabric paint to the potato with a foam brush, and stamp it on your towel. Repeat as much as you want and hang with curtain clips.

Elegant Napkin

It’s time to go green and use what nature has given us. Tuck leaves between new dish cloths and tap confidently with a hammer to generate twin impressions. Repeat, leaf by leaf, until you have the design you sought for. Finish it by ironing the cloths on low heat to reduce fading.

Handy Kitchenette Depot

Don’t throw away your old TV cabinet, remove the doors and paint it crisp blue and now it’s becoming your new kitchenette storehouse. Span an open space with a curtain tension rod to hang pretty hand towels.

Color Pop Canister

Renew the canister you bought from the bazaar with spray paint on the lid and stand, choose popping colors and create a festival of colors on your holy kitchen.

Dine Jargon

Looking for a great mealtime jargon to go with and accompany the whole family? Make your own DIY letters using a letters stencil on MDF, cut them with jigsaw and cover with attractive patterned fabric. Display them near the ceiling to boost some mood during family dining time.

Hall of Flower

Personalize your kitchen wall with a homemade flower gallery. Find a high resolution flowers image online and print them on a used book page, stitch each to a piece of linen and hang with bulldog clips.

Cozy Curtain

Eat more comfortably with a creative surrounding. Don’t ditch plain curtains, simply spray them with fabric paint and create abstract patterns across the curtain, free-style loop design is the easiest one.

Go Vintage

Feeling vintage? Go to a local flea market and bought some vintage castoff plates. Employ paper templates and pencil to mark the perfect arrangements on your kitchen wall, just above the dining room buffet before hanging those bequest treasures.

kitchen design minimalist

Center of Attention Table Topper

When you don’t have much to show in the kitchen, apply this tip to create a striking center piece. Have some used wood planks and paint them with checks and stripes. Afterwards, bind the wood pieces together with glue or screws and attribute two rope pulls. Finish with with fresh jars of flowers.

Classy Marker

Sometimes the simplest deco is done by customizing your flatware. Flatten a silver plated fork and mark a label with metal stamp and hammer. Shorten the handle by bending the handle back and forth until it breaks while held steady in a vise. Stab the fork into your favorite cheese and get that classy accentuation!

Love Details

Play with a lampshade by adding a wooden appliqué from the craft store, hot glued to its surface and hang using a pendant-light kit to style up your dining area.


Festive Kitchen

Merry your kitchen using a fun festive cork letters made from wine corks attached to a wooden letters. Pin them on the wall using removable adhesive strips. See how our “Cheers” brings a final touch to a colorful drink cart.

Orderly Seat

Give a theme to your dining chair with this incredible idea. Paint your chairs in two separated different colors and give number on the back rest orderly. Complete the theme by having numbers pattern for the chair seating pad. From now on the whole family could have fun calling each person by the number of their chair, just like in the movie, saying “where’s number 4?”

The World on Your Table

Bring the world onto the table via your coaster! Purchase some plain ceramic coasters from the market and stick an old map to their surface by means of decoupage medium. Back the coasters with table pad to avoid scraping your tabletops.

In A Fine Taste

Ever thinking that your culinary tools could become a model of some artsy displays on the kitchen wall? If not, then try to take a shot of them in a crisp white background. Place the prints in over the counter-white frames with black mats. You will be surprised as they look like a high end masterpiece.

Keeping Old Asset Stylish

Rejuvenate old cabinet inherited from our parents with fresh new paints and hardware. To make the age stain even more standout, use a 1:1 mixture of water and vinegar to generate a blotched surface on the mirror, there goes the classic beauty!

Kitchen Paint Color Hacks You Don’t Want To Miss in 2018

Posted on: May 14th, 2018 by plumbers-santaana No Comments

So you want to paint your kitchen, but can’t decide on the color? There are plenty of choices you can think of and it does not have necessarily need to be white, right? In the search for the right paint color for your kitchen, here are some suggestions you might like.

Hale Navy

This is an intense blue color that borders on black. It is an excellent choice to complement your white floors and countertops. Some may describe it as the color of night and can even be a wise choice if you want to spark some creativity in your kitchen.

Gull Wing Gray

For kitchens with oversized windows that allow you a nice view of the great blue sky, this is a good color to consider. It is a great way to create distinction when you have a wall of cabinets in your kitchen. With the softened intensity of this color, it would look great in combination with darker colored cabinets.

White Dove

Imagine the look of dark-wood colored kitchens with cabinets and walls accented by this color. You create a discolored look would be great for windows and moldings. A bit of great and yellow would be an excellent combination when cast against other colors to achieve a universal look.

kitchen paint color

Bamboo Leaf

Can you envision a kitchen that is complete covered in verdant green? With a bit of boosting, the color would surely come to life. This is a great way to spice up small spaces where a strong color dominates the entire surroundings. When you think about this shade of green, you can almost feel its refreshing, sparkling, and cool appeal.


Are you an ocean lover? With the right match of counter stools you may just get that cool sea breeze feeling. Using this color will create a relaxing appeal much like you are on the tropical seas. When dealing with fairly open spaces of the kitchen that extends to another room, this color will help you create a visual effect as though it is receding and disappearing into another room.

Red Geranium

Most shades of red are associated with vibrance and energy. So if you have a neutral colored kitchen, this may just be the color you need to bring it back to life. Considering the abundance of cabinets that can create a boring look, splashing the walls along with other blank spaces with this hue will make you hungry for more.

kitchen paint color

Glossy Black

Have you ever considered having a black kitchen? Most of you may not, but, there surely is a unique appeal when you see a kitchen that is covered in lacquered black. It is definitely stunning because of its reflective finish much like having a giant jewelry box. Solid, immense, and dramatic, pairing it up with copper tiles will surely leave people breathless.

Paper White

Yes, we said that there are other colors aside from white, but, this does not mean that you should disregard it completely. After all, this color has been known to highlight natural textures especially with combined with the palest shades of gray. It also allows other portions of the kitchen to standout and be noticed instantly. During sunny days, it creates a calm atmosphere that you will simply appreciate. It is likewise an excellent choice to emphasize details of cabinets and kitchen architecture.

Pale Powder

If a cozy kitchen is what you please, then this will do it for your available space. The great thing with this choice of color is that it goes well with almost anything including traditional kitchen styles. Neutral and clean, it arouses more interest than simple white. It also goes well with blue and green regardless of the type of lighting. Aside from adding character to the look of your kitchen, it also ages it just right for a relaxing gathering of friends. Transitioning of color to an adjacent room is also not a problem making it quite easy to live with in every home.

These are just some of the color choices you can consider for your kitchen. If you find yourself in a position where you cannot decide, then it may be time to call in professional help.

Top House Design Styles You May Follow 2018

Posted on: April 26th, 2018 by plumbers-santaana No Comments

Different Style of Houses

Are you aware that there is a wide variety of architectural influences that have been applied in the construction of houses? These have resulted in the different styles of houses that we see today across the country. Do you know what particular style of house you have? Here are some of the most common types. (more…)

HVAC System: How to Keep Your Home Cooler During Parties

Posted on: March 23rd, 2018 by plumbers-santaana No Comments

HVAC system inside the house is particularly designed to fulfill specific household needs like the size of the area and number of people inside. What isn’t particularly designed for household HVAC system is to handle crowds. So, when you have crowds inside the house like during a party, you may face the certain issue that needs to be managed. Learn the fact that even the highest quality of residential HVAC system has issues to cool down crowds especially because every person brings 98.6 Fahrenheit of his/her own heating system and extra humidity. So, what should you actually do to make sure the guests cool and comfortable inside the house during a part? (more…)

Repair Your Water Heater by Removing Anode Rod Regularly

Posted on: January 30th, 2017 by plumbers-santaana No Comments

The anode rod is considered as the single most important element in determining the lifespan of your water heater. Why? This sacrificial anode has been part of the water heater design for over 60 years as part of the rust protection mechanism for the water tank. It is designed in such a way that many people are not aware of its presence. The unfortunate drawback is that they often forget that it has to be changed from time to time. So, why should we remove the anode rod from the water heater if it is supposed to protect against rust? (more…)

Ways to Deal with Ceiling Leaks

Posted on: June 2nd, 2014 by plumbers-santaana No Comments

Hearing the sound of dropping water outside the house could be a common experience to most homeowners. However, if the dripping sound is inside your home and you suspect that it is in your ceiling it is certainly unusual. Many homeowners have basic knowledge when it comes to dealing leaks aside from ceiling leaks.

If there is leak in your ceiling, it could cause severe problems in your interior. With this, it has to be fixed immediately. You will surely not bother fixing any leak when you fail to recognize its existence in the first place. (more…)

Steps for Water Heater Installation

Posted on: June 2nd, 2014 by plumbers-santaana No Comments

If you think that water heater installation is only for the professionals, think again. There are now a lot of homeowners who simply do it on their own. This is because most new water heaters are designed not only to be user friendly but for easy installation also. Give it a try for it could surely help you save a lot of money.

Though there are various steps on how to do the installation, below is the general approach that you could follow. Be sure that you are very careful in following these instructions. (more…)

Things to Know about Tankless Water Heater

Posted on: February 19th, 2014 by plumbers-santaana No Comments

Hot water is very important in your home. However, the problem is that heating water is costly since it consumes a lot of energy. Tankless water heater is your option if you seek a cost-effective option for heating water in your home. If you want to learn more about how this heater works, read on. (more…)

The Importance of Maintenance in Water Heating system

Posted on: January 5th, 2014 by plumbers-santaana No Comments

Being a homeowner is certainly not an easy job. If you recently owned your home, there are certainly some parts of it that you neglect. One of this is the water heating system. Though this system is made to last for a long time, if not maintained well, it could also experience some troubles which could lead to a lot of inconvenience. (more…)

Keep your Family safe with using Water Filters

Posted on: November 27th, 2013 by plumbers-santaana No Comments

Clean water at home is very important. Often times, people use water either for cooking, bathing and drinking. This is why it has to be safe and clean. One of the ways that water is ensured to be clean is the use of water filters. This is definitely a good investment for your family. (more…)


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